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Fallow deer Kau-Stix in all sizes

Fallow deer Kau-Stix in all sizes

PriceFrom €9.99

The antler bones of the fallow deer are something softer, than that of the red deer. This makes our Fallow Deer Chew Stix particularly suitable for lazy chewers or older dogs.


We buy the antlers for the fallow deer in Hungary and of course these Kau-Stix are purely natural products and are completely free of flavor enhancers, preservatives or the like. Just choose the right size for your dog and try the Hirschalm Kau-Stix from fallow deer!


Depending on your dog's weight, we recommend the following sizes:

up to 10 kg: size S (weight 25-100g), eg: Chihuahua, Terrier

10-20 kg: size M (weight 100-200g), eg: Spaniel, Beagleover

20 kg: size L (weight > 200g), eg: Golden Retriever, Great Dane


General info

  • renewable drop rods
  • 100% natural
  • Mineral-rich chewing fun - good for body and teeth
  • durable, low odor, non-sticky
  • One chewing stick contains 41.5% crude protein


  • Are you looking for a personal gift?

    We would be happy to engrave a term (dog's name, congratulations, ...) of your choice on a Hirschalm Kau-Stix. To do this, add the "engraved" Kau-Stix to your shopping basket.


    Please do not forget to specify the engraving text.

    You can also have your Kau-Stix gift-wrapped - you will also receive a nice box - matching your Kau-Stix - and a Kau-Stix Adornment of the gift.

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