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Purchase and sale of shed antlers

Please provide the following information:

- Are you selling or buying shed antlers?

- What product is it (red deer, fallow deer, trimming waste)?

- What quantity (in Kg) do you wish to sell/purchase?

Danke! Die Nachricht wurde gesendet.

What we purchase:

  • Antlers shed by red deer

  • Antlers shed by fallow deer

  • Antlers shed by sika deer

  • Antlers shed by David deer

  • Antler trophies from the ears up

We weigh, clean and process shed antlers in our warehouse before preparing them for loading and shipping.

Hirschalm GmbH

Leonhard Merckens

Innerhalbach 2

3171 Kleinzell, Österreich

T +43 2766 400 24 

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